Shaken Albert

How we all met:

Mark posted an ad on the Kent musicians notice board on Facebook, Andy spotted it and tagged Stevie, Stevie then contacted Mark and invited Andy and Terry along to practice, after a week or so Mark text Martin to see if he was available as they needed a lead singer and he was.
That was late 2016 and after a solid 10 months of hard practice we were finally ready to perform our first gig. Our first gig was the pirates weekend at Bartons point and we got some great feedback too, as headlined in the Sheerness Times Guardian “Shaken Albert go down a storm at pirates debut” and to quote the organisers “Shaken Albert stole the show” it was fantastic to get such good feedback, it was such an amazing day and as a first gig it couldn’t have gone any better.


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Meet Shaken Albert:

Led by Martin Robertson, 35, from Sheppey, with fantastic stage presence, stunning vocals and the ability to really entertain the audience.
On the drums Mark Ganderton, 43, from Sheppey, one of the best drummers we’ve ever heard, with spot on timing and catchy beats, he keeps the whole band glued together and very tight.
On Guitar, Stevie Cooper, 32, from Sittingbourne, a fantastic guitarist with heaps of creativity that adds to our own personal sound making every song we perform our own, also the bands song writer with some great songs up his sleeve to come in the future.
On Bass, Andy J Lambeth, 34, from Sittingbourne, the blissful tones created by Andy are like no other, he holds the key to the whole bands sound, he keeps everyone in check, and keeps the audience engaged with his basslines that everyone will remember.
Finally on Lead Guitar, Terry Longhurst, 32, from Sheppey, the amazing skills and talent that oozes from Terrys amp is simply incredible. Adding his own take of the leads solos throughout our set allows us to own the songs that we are covering.